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The two concerts of "Shanhe Ling" have ended, but after the "Shanhe Ling" concert, Zhou Ye and Ma Wenyuan's CP became popular. In the past two days, their CP Chaohua reached number 12 on the list. During the broadcast of the TV series, they did not have so many CP fans, and they were not able to play as well, mainly because their interaction at the concert was so natural and so good that many people suspected that they were really in love.

In this kind of double male lead drama, the female lead is generally not popular, and most...

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According to the exposure, they had spent four days together, during which their staff covered them! They were photographed by the media from the end of July, Zhou Ye zhou ye to the apartment zhou ye Edward Lai Guanlin lives. It is said that the assistant of Edward Lai Guanlin picked up Zhou Ye upstairs. They stayed together for 2 days.

After that, on the 12th of Aug, Zhou Ye filmed a movie in Hengdian. After Edward Lai Guanlin finished his work in Suzhou, he went to the hotel where Zhou Ye lived. They spent 2 days together again! The...

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