THE TIME TO TALK TO MKS ABOUT YOUR PROJECT IS NOW The MKS team brings mks to your project from the moment an idea intersects a need. We listen carefully, until we understand your vision. We research your industry and process for the most efficient answers to your challenges. We can even help navigate funding.

When we are involved from mks very beginning, our team can brainstorm solutions, explore a multitude of options and challenge assumptions. Mks working closely with you, we can tailor a plan-design-construction experience that ensures the best value. At MKS we have a proven track record...

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We provide guns that the shooter wants, and stand behind that product long after the sale. We insist on high quality, reliable firearms.

We insist on guns that are easy to own and service. And most of all, we insist on value. To the manufacturer, value is measured by our skill in getting your product to market. In over two decades of gun marketing and merchandising, we have established a proven, successful, nationwide distributor network.

We allow you to concentrate on what you do best. To the mks, value means providing a hassle-free selling experience. Mks means offering an attractive...

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