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Francisco Denis Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela born 15 August 1943 is a Colombian drug lord currently imprisoned in the United States. He took over the leadership of the after his brother 's arrest in 1995. His leadership came to an end miguel rodriguez his capture by a joint -National Police operation the same year, and his son assumed control of the operations of the cartel. From the cartel's establishment till Gilberto's arrest in 1994, Miguel served as the operations chief of the cartel and was constantly overshadowed by his much more charismatic and outspoken brother.

Aside from his right-hand manhis son...

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He's a scientist who worked on the super-weapon "" for the Black Hand. More specifically he worked at. As explained in the missionhe quit because he disapproved of having ordered the project to be turned into a weapon.

The project was originally meant to prevent extreme weather. After that he returned home to. As revealed in the missionOscar arranged Miguel to be killed. It's unclear who asked who precisely what, but Espinosa noted that he had Black Hand units in and that General is co-operating with.

According tohe burned down the Miguel rodriguez house, killing the occupants, as a gift...

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