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Known for its pretty packaging and quality ingredients, make some space on your vanity for the latest moisturisers, serums and more from Korea. History of Whoo — 2020 Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Ja Saeng Essence To achieve a more supple and radiant look, History of Whoo Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Ja Saeng Essence makes for an excellent addition to your skincare routine. It is an intensive self — regenerating treatment essence that contains the signature Gongjinbidan Complex comprising 6 oriental herbswhich balances and improves Qi and blood circulation for good skin health.

The innisfree klcc comes in an elegant bottle with artisanal...

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Natural skin beauty addicts need not travel far to Korea as innisfree opened its door earlier this month at Sunway Pyramid Mall. The bond between innisfree and Jeju dates back to 1979 when innisfree first began to transform what was then a rocky wasteland on Jeju into the pesticide-free green tea farm we see there today.

Having started out by releasing the 'Green Tea Pure' line in 2008 using Jeju green tea, innisfree has by far re-imagined a total of 10 Jeju ingredients as cosmetic products, such as green tea, sea mustard, volcanic scoria, tangerine peel, green soy beans, canola,...

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