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Brilliant and obese scientist Sherman Klump Eddie Murphy invents a miraculous weight-loss solution. After a date with chemistry student Carla Nutty professor Jada Pinkett goes badly, a depressed Klump tries the solution on himself. Though he instantly loses 250 pounds, the side effects include a second personality: an obnoxiously self-assertive braggart who calls himself Buddy Love.

Buddy proves to be more popular than Sherman, but his arrogance and bad behavior quickly spiral out of control. However, sterotypical jokes and excessive and out of control bathroom humor drag this down.

Smith is great as his love interest and Murphy makes you...

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It is a of thewhich starred nutty professor, which itself was a parody of 's 1886 novella. The film co-stars, and. The original music score was composed by. The film won at the. Murphy portrays a university professor,a brainy and kind-hearted man who is morbidly. A research scientist, academic, and lecturer, Klump develops a miraculous, but experimental, weight-loss pharmaceutical, and hoping to win the affection of the girl of his dreams, tests it upon himself.

Just like Julius Kelp from the original film, Klump's vigorous, charismatic, but evil alter ego takes the name "Buddy Love". Murphy plays a total of...

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