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The Coconut Crab is native to most of the Indo-pacific islands and is the largest living arthropod in the world today. Generally a nocturnal creature the Coconut Crab will hide throughout the day time and emerge at night to forage. Although the Coconut Crab will often feed on fallen coconuts it has been known to get its primary food source with other methods. The first method the Coconut Crab will use to get to coconuts it to climb a coconut tree and then cut down fresh coconuts for consumption, from here the Coconut Crab will either climb back down the...

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Coconut crabs are edible, and people in certain countries actually eat them. They are considered a delicacy in islands of the Indian ocean and Central Pacific Ocean, where the habitats of these creatures reside.

However, they can also be poisonous sometimes. It can grow up to 4 feet in length and weighs up to 26 pounds Is coconut crab tasty? It has a taste similar to lobster or regular crab meat, but some describe it as the taste of peanut butter. Coconut crab eggs and fat in the abdomen are considered the most delicious parts. People eat coconut crabs after...

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