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Piloted crimson typhoon the Wei Tang Brothers, Cheung, Jin and Hu, Crimson is accredited with seven Kaiju kills and the successful defense of the seven times. Hong Kong Incident Crimson Typhoon is dropped intoalongside andby helicopter prior to the battle to confront the Kaiju. Striker Eureka would be unable to assist the two, as did not want to risk the Jaeger being damaged prior to the assault on the Breach.

This order would prove disastrous, as neither Cherno Alpha nor Crimson Typhoon was prepared to face or. Otachi engages Crimson, springing out of the ocean and sweeping its barbed tail...

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One of the Greatest. Full titanium core, no alloys. Fifty diesel engines per muscle strand. Crimson is a rather unique Jaeger in terms of design, with digit-grade legs and the classic mecha mono-eye. The decals and crimson typhoon text details on this Jaeger are also pretty well done; the signature Crimson Typhoon mark on the shoulder is nice and crisp, as are the rest.

Most notable is the much brighter crimson typhoon for the borders of the mech. They were originally a faded piss-gold same color as the decals but I wanted to add a little more bling. Therefore shiny...

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