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This chart shows the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases per day. This is shown as the seven-day rolling average.

What is important to note about these case figures? In a separate post we discuss how models of COVID-19 help us. You can then copy-paste the URL and share it. Indonesia: Daily confirmed cases: how do they compare to other countries? Differences in the population size between different countries are often large. To compare countries, it is insightful to look at the number of confirmed cases per million people — this is what the chart shows.

Keep in mind that in...

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JAKARTA: Indonesian health authorities announced the country's largest one-day jump in new coronavirus infections on Monday, as the country's number of confirmed cases since the pandemic began crossed 2 million.

The Health Ministry said it had confirmed another 14,536 new infections and 294 deaths. Along with the more than 2 million infections, has indonesia cases today more than 54,950 deaths, both the most in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous country, has seen infections surge in recent weeks, a climb that has been blamed on travel during last month's Eid al-Fitr holiday as well as the arrival of...

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