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The prayer Namaz of Taraweeh is the tarawih 2021 as how you perform the prayers of Sunnah or Nafl. There is no basic difference between Sunnah and Taraweeh prayers. You can recite any Surah from the Holy Quran that you remember after reciting Alham Sharif and perform the Salah of Taraweeh as you pray other Sunnah or Nafl. There are 20 Rakats unit of prayer in Taraweeh that you have to perform 2 Rakat tarawih 2021 time until you complete it to a total of 20 Rakats. Just remember to recite Taraweeh Dua after every 4 Rakat.

Thereafter start your...

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This prayer is performed in congregation during Ramadan of theafter and beforewhich is also prayed following the imam who leads the prayer aloud in one or three rakats unlike how it is done in other eleven months.

Tarawih prayers are prayed in pairs. Tarawih 2021 to the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi' and Hanbali schools of Sunni Islam, the standard number of rakats is twenty referring it to a narration in which said that " In the time of Umar, the people used to offer 20 raka'āt".

But it is clearly mentioned in the Muwatta' before the said narration that when Umar...

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