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Burka-wearing scientist Sahar Al-Faifi says Boris Johnson's comments are making Muslim women 'dehumanised' and like 'criminals' It came in a letter to The Times. Breaking with the choking PC consensus that says Boris comments on the niqab and burka were tantamount to a speech crime, Rowan said that they were actually pretty funny. And then he did just that, in typically colourful Boris-speak. All hell broke loose. Calling for someone to be expelled from public life because he criticised a religious practice?

Remind me again what century this is. I guess we should rowan atkinson religion grateful no one has...

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Sunetra Sastry is a very popular make-up artist from the United Kingdom. However, she is best known for being the partner of the legendary comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson, popularly known as Mr.

Prior to the marriage with Rowan, no one recognized her but she came into limelight after tieing the knot with the famous actor Rowan Atkinson. The pain of filing a divorce petition at the age of 58 is huge, the age when we except and dream to live a settled life with our family. But, the beautiful make-up artist has undergone with this unimaginable pain of divorce...

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