Caution: Potential spoilers ahead for the Boruto anime jigen Which villainous ninja are part of the evil Kara organization in Bo ruto? The story of Naruto Uzumaki is blessed with a host of great antagonists, from the venomous Orochimaru to the schemingbut much of the story is dominated by the Akatsuki - a group of rogue shinobi intent on collecting the world's Tailed Beasts.

Over the course of Naruto's second half, the heroes take down Akatsuki one-by-one, but in the Boruto sequel series, a second alliance of shady ninja with grand ambitions emerge. Under the name "Kara," this organization's origins...

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Not to be confused with the separate martial art. Tōgō Shigekata, innowKyushu, Japan. It focuses mainly on the art of swordsmanship. Jigen-ryū is jigen for its emphasis on the first strike: Jigen-ryū teachings jigen that a second strike is not even to be considered. The attack is then done by running forward at your opponent and then cutting diagonally down on their neck.

The is jigen loud "Ei! Traditionally this is practised using a long wooden stick, and cutting against a vertical pole, or even a real tree. During a hard practice, the wood is said to give off the...

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