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Editors' note March 21, 2017 : Apple has discontinued the iPad Mini 2. The iPad Mini 2 review, published in July 2016, follows.

Apple iPads are synonymous with "tablet" for good reason. Their high-end designs, fast performance, simple operating system and well-stocked App Store make them the go-to choice in the category. Or, at least, that's how it was. The growth of tablet sales has in recent years, with the exception of the bargain segment. Apple, of course, is all about premium, high-end products. Despite its age, the iPad Mini 2 still has a lot to offer for buyers who...

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Retiredmimi wrote: Can I update my iPad mimi2 to iOS 13. This is not possible. The first generation iPad Air, iPad mini2 and mini3 can only be updated to iOS 12.

Some App developers have dropped support for iOS versions preceding iOS ipad mini 2. Sorry, I appreciate that this may not be what you were hoping to learn.

I hope this information provides succinct clarity as to your available options - and the fundamental limitations of your old iPad. Your iPad is too old and underpowered for iPadOS.

Your iPad is, at least, 7, maybe 8-years old, now. It's...

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