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Electric resistance The Rubber Armor is an set in. Location and Uses The Rubber Armor is an set consisting of the, and. Each piece increases Link's shock resistance by rubber set level. If all three pieces are worn and have been upgraded at least twice by athey provide the Unshockable set bonus, preventing Link from being stunned from electrocution.

Armor Description Location Rubber Helm A helmet made from ancient techniques and electricity-resistant material.

It's made from something called "rubber," a material that can no longer be found. Complete "" Rubber Armor This armor has built-in electricity resistance thanks to its...

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Link will need to complete the quest, which involves climbing to the very top of the stable and grabbing the. After showing it to Cima, she will rubber set Link the Rubber Helm. Rubber Armor Main article: The Rubber Armor is awarded to Link at the located at the. In order to access the shrine, Link will first need to complete the.

This requires Link to get all four of the colored orbs in the area onto the plateau and into their proper slots. Rubber Tights Main article: The Rubber Tights can rubber set found within the. Link will first...

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