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I can still remember playing my cousin at Mortal Kombat 3 and him calling me all the names under the sun for using Strykers slide move continuously. The first title that kicked off the most savage fighting series of all time. Arcade action in your living room and one of the very first titles I ever played on the SNES. Can you remember the first time you pulled off a fatality on your opponent? How do you make the original Mortal Kombat game better?

How about by adding even more fighters into the mix for a brutal tournament and multiplayer...

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He serves at their command, his deadly training and cunning intelligence making him a ruthless opponent who cuts down those in his path with his ice attacks. At some point, he acted as a rival assassin to banishing him to the. Under the orders ofhe seeks to eliminate before the upcoming fighter can discover his arcana and be trained in the ways of.

Biography In Japan in 1617, Bi-Han and the other members of the Lin-Kuei clan invade the village of the. While the other Lin Kuei attack the village proper, Bi-Han makes his way to the Hanzo Hasashi Compound....

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