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The series has consistently left fans in awe of the feats that it has pulled off, delivering adventures set in different world after different world. It really does go to show you that anything can happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially when you change some of the variables that were in play in some of the live-action movies.

What happened in What If…? When that was done, he what if episode 8 into space and destroyed every planet in existence and even killed Thanos with ease before he found himself alone in the world. That is, until he discovered...

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The following article contains spoilers for What If…?. The premise is simple,Ultron loves peace and is willing to kill as many people as needed in order to attain it. Of course, before getting down to business the audience is told just how powerful Infinity Ultron really is, so as Thanos crashes planet Earth a what if episode 8 earlier than expected Ultron proceeds to slice him in half to seize control of the rest of the Infinity Stones.

From here on, What If…? Nevertheless, all that pertains to the larger scope of things, because meanwhile Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton...

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