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Although costly, cranial helmets correct an otherwise unsightly condition that can affect the confidence of a child as he or she grows up. Why is it that a cure or therapy starts out innocently only to be abused by aggressive salesmen, emotional critics, and layman evaluators?

No one wants to look back and remember, however, as I recall people could not wait for the vaccine to become available. The president at that time, Donald Trump, funded the pharmaceutical giants to bring about the vaccine at an unheard-of speed. People cranial helmet find people they knew who had health care businesses...

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As the baby grows, these plates grow, gradually harden and knit together. Sometimes when a baby sleeps in the same position, the soft plates may cranial helmet a flat spot or uneven appearance. If the condition does not resolve on its own, your pediatrician may recommend repositioning, exercises or helmet therapy. This condition,can require surgical treatment with or without helmet in order to correct the head shape. Cranial remolding helmets are usually made of a hard outer shell with a foam lining.

The helmet essentially provides a tight, round space for the head to grow into. Even if your child...

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