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The group has openly initiated a disruption to purposely strain our already over-worked hotlines, denying help to those who need it. She also founded NFT art company Ikibook Limited.

Raymond Ng similarly has a number of businesses under his name, including VendShare, a Singapore-based company that enables franchisees iris media singapore co-own vending machines.

According towhen the franchisees started demanding for answers, Raymond threatened to bring lawsuits for defamation and breach of contract, and severed communication by kicking them out of the franchisee Whatsapp group chat. Several franchisees also said on the Scamsg. These franchisees hail from all walks of...

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Iris Singapore has appointed Andy Cairns as the new managing director. In his new role, Cairns will report to Steve Bell, Iris' Europe CEO. Prior to that, he was on a one year sabbatical. Previously, Cairns was with Havas Worldwide as the global brands director. Based in London, he reported into the global CEO. Cairns led the global client franchise RB, formerly Reckitt Benckiser, with a portfolio comprising brands Neurofen, Dettol, Vanish, Durex and Scholl.

Meanwhile, he was iris media singapore managing director at Inferno for four years prior to that. In a press statement, Cairns said he has always...

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