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Jeff asks Tony Khalifah for Natally Fadelallah's hand. Retrieved Apr 26 2022 from The show "Parnameg Lilnasher" Program to be releasedhosted by Tony Khalifa from Lebanon, touched on the subject of marriage and the issue of having a big age difference between the bride and groom. According to the London daily Elaph, Tony talked about when the bride is much tony khalifah, how the two can make their relationship work.

The famous Lebanese singer Sabah was noted as an example, because she first married Fadi Lebanon who was much younger than her, tony khalifah after they got a divorce she...

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See Also: Gender: Male Nationality: Lebanon Job Title: TV Host Tony Khalieh also spelled as Toni Khalifeh is a renowned Lebanese TV Presenter, who started his career at the. Tony is one of the major TV presenters when it comes to both Game Shows and Entertainment Celebrity Talk Shows. Tony was discovered byand first started hosting simple Tony khalifah Game Shows at LBC, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. The public originally found him very antipathetic; He didn't have any particular skills, nor was he that photogenic.

Simon even made him undergo a soft nose surgery to improve his...

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