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About Fennec Fox Ranch Founded by Richard and Miley, Armel Fennec Fox Ranch is fennec fox family owned and operated USDA-licensed breeding and private zoological facility. Our mission is to provide the highest quality husbandry and care to our animals, while sharing our passion for exotic pets through education and the conservation of endangered and threatened species.

Dozens of exotic species are cared for across 1,600 acres of beautiful Texas hill country. Fennec Fox Ranch Please be aware it is Federal Law that primates can only be sold by licensed USDA breeders. We have financing available here Some States ban...

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Pet Fennec Fox Care Sheet What is a fennec fox and can you own one? The allure of owning a fennec fox as a pet is understandable. These Chihuahua-sized canids are distinctive in their appearance as well as being a true fox species that is smaller than the iconic red and grey foxes that are native to North America.

Most will find that buying and caring for a fennec fox is completely feasible in states where they are legal, but doing so is not without its downsides. Being relatively widespread without any major threats to their population, they are listed...

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