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HUAWEI nova 9 unveils a new vision in photography with the 50 MP ultra vision camera, plus the large sensor with RYYB colour filter array for 40% more light intake. The HUAWEI XD Fusion Engine helps swiftly process the huge amount of information and enhance extraordinary clarity at pixel-level for every picture, day or night. The 120 Hz screen refresh rate is available for dedicated apps and scenarios.

Actual weight measurement results may vary depending on the specific product, manufacturing process, as well as the measurement position and method. Data from Huawei labs. The colour level may vary depending on...

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Nova is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so done with Electron apps, even ones "done well". There's a lot to be said for fast, native apps that look and feel like they belong on the platform you're running them on. That said, Nova's Python support wasn't in the ballpark of VS Code's. But testing it for a nova 9 soured me on VS Code, and I ended up switching back to Emacs which has outstanding Python support via LSP these days.

I forget the exact details, but I also had problems getting things like Black, mypy, flake8, isort, etc. VS Code is...

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