Omicron pronunciation

Omicron pronunciation

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According to, it can be pronounced? I also googled it. In case you didn't know, Omicron is the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. Omicron pronunciation first, a lot of people referenced variants by the name of the country where they were first detected, like the Omicron pronunciation. The World Health Organization changed things up back in May and renamed COVID variants with Greek letter names to avoid confusion and stigma. You might be asking, if this is the 13th named variant why are we using the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet?

The WHO skipped over Nu and Xi....

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I compiled the original list last year when I had more time and was still studying Koine Greek. Β β beta, pronounced like the English B.

Γ γ gamma, pronounced like the g in go see 4 below Δ δ delta, pronounced like the d in democracy. Pronounce Xi in Greek, meaning: Xi Symbol in Greek Alphabet. The original Canaanite meanings of omicron pronunciation letter names was lost when the alphabet was adapted for Greek. If we used the Greek pronunciation of words such as 'chronometer' or 'synchronous' we would sound very odd, the same applies to 'chi'.

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