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The dissolved on 7 April 2018 by the Head of State on the advice of the Head of Government. The election was conducted by the Malaysian EC and utilised the system. Electoral candidates were nominated on 28 April. On 9 May, between 8. BNthe ruling coalition inlost to opposition PH.

PH won 15 seats while BN won 13. A state election must be held within sixty days after the dissolution. Accordingly, the Election Commission set 28 April as the nomination day and 9 May as the polling day. BN was challenged by two opposition coalitions, the PH and the GS....

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KUALA LUMPUR - The Melaka state legislative assembly was dissolved on Tuesday Oct 5 following the collapse of the second state administration in two years, paving the way for polls to be held in the Malaysian state within two months. However, the president of Malaysia's ruling party Umno said that the decision on whether to hold an election was up to the Election Commission, National Security Council NSC and the health ministry, after taking into account the Covid-19 risk factor.

The Sarawak state assembly's five-year term expired earlier this year but the overdue state election has been pushed to early...

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