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KFC Original Recipe Chicken Thigh is a type of chicken product sold in or from KFC restaurants, which is fried in a pressure cooker and coated with a crispy crust. The original recipe for this dish includes using two whole chickens, salt and pepper, flour, milk, eggs, cooking oil for frying. The two entire chickens are split up into their respective parts.

The white meat from one is diced, and the dark meat from the other is used to make patties. How To Make KFC Original Recipe Chicken Thigh? Ingredients• 2 Large Eggs, beaten• 1 cup Ayam thigh kfc Salt•...

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This recipe is about chicken on the bone marinated with dry spices, the authentic ayam goreng fried chicken served in the Indian Muslim restaurants in Malaysia. If you expect it tastes closely to KFC or other fried chicken coated with batter, you will be surprised by the different flavors offered by the Malaysian ayam goreng. And of course, you need Malaysian curry powder, which is an indispensable ingredient to create a ayam thigh kfc flavor. So what do you expect? It is spicy, aromatic, full of curry flavor, and crispy for up to an hour.

I will show you how...

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